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  Latest english rules: adv Vive l'Empereur 1.2 updated: June 9th, 2015

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adv Vive l'Empereur

A new game system for Napoleonic battles

"Vive l'Empereur"
is a 2 players game that allows you to simulate,
at a grand- tactical level,
the napoleonic great battles.

Up to 6 infantry type, light, medium and heavy cavalry,
foot and horse artillery are the units that
as Commander in Chief you've got under your command.

Just a few minutes for read the rules (only 4 pages),
a new game system called "Histo Command dice",
then, deploy the units
and you'll be ready to relive and enjoy napoleonic tactics like:
cavalry counter-charge, form squares and artillery opportunity fire.

English rules here

"Adv Vive l'Empereur"
3rd reprint

game components buyable separately:
Hexagons kit (4 die-cut sheets)
€ 6,00
Dice labels (2 die-cut sheet)
€ 4,00
Green / White stands Kit*
€ 6,00
Dice kit (8 blank dice, 1d6, 1d10)
€ 6,00

*Each kit contains 30 round and 3 oval stands for colour

Borodino 1812

Restyling Armies

New scenarios

Optional Rules

adv english cards

for miniatures


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2 players game
difficulty: easy 4/10
playing time: 60/120 min
12 years up

Game Designer
Giovanni Crippa

Graphics by:
graphic & advertising

in cover:
The Battle of Waterloo
by Felix Philippoteaux


Game contents:

  • 1 map (cm 67x49,5) front/back printed
  • 180 die-cut terrain hexagons (40mm each)
  • 3 unit counters sheets
  • 1 italian order cards sheet
  • 8 special dice (5 black, 3 white)
  • 1 die-cut labels sheet for dice
  • 1d6, 1d10
  • 200 plastic chips in 3 colours
  • 93 plastic stands
  • italian game rules
  • 3 Historical scenarios:
    Waterloo, Ligny and Quatre Bras
  • 1 Hypotetical battle scenario

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